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When you want to show your users and contributors that they can use pixi in your repo, you can use the following badge:

Pixi Badge

[![Pixi Badge](](

Customize your badge

To further customize the look and feel of your badge, you can add &style=<custom-style> at the end of the URL. See the documentation on for more info.

Built using Pixi#

  • Deltares:
    • Ribasim: Water resources model
    • Ribasim-NL: Ribasim water resources modeling in the Netherlands
    • iMOD Python: Make massive MODFLOW models
    • iMOD Coupler: Application for coupling hydrological kernels
    • iMOD Documentation: Documentation of the iMOD suite.
    • Xugrid: Xarray and unstructured grids
    • Numba celltree: Celltree data structure for searching for points, lines, boxes, and cells (convex polygons) in a two dimensional unstructured mesh.
    • QGIS-Tim: QGIS plugin and utilities for TimML multi-layer analytic element model
    • Pandamesh: From geodataframe to mesh
    • Wflow: Hydrological modeling framework
    • HydroMT: Automated and reproducible model building and analysis
    • HydroMT SFINCS: SFINCS plugin for HydroMT
    • PyFlwDir: Fast methods to work with hydro- and topography data in pure Python.
  • USGS:
  • jiaxiyang/cpp_project_guideline: Guide the way beginners make their c++ projects.
  • karelze/tclf: A python library for trade classification⚡
  • quantco/polarify: Simplifying conditional Polars Expressions with Python 🐍 🐻‍❄️
  • quantco/slim-trees: Pickle your ML models more efficiently for deployment 🚀
  • hex-inc/vegafusion: Serverside scaling of Vega and Altair visualizations in Rust, Python, WASM, and Java
  • pablovela5620/arxiv-researcher: Summarize PDF's and Arixv papers with Langchain and Nougat 🦉
  • HaoZeke/xtsci-dist: Incremental scipy port using xtensor
  • LFortran: A modern cross-platform Fortran compiler
  • Rerun: Rerun is an SDK for building time aware visualizations of multimodal data.
  • conda-auth: a conda plugin providing more secure authentication support to conda.
  • py-rattler: Build your own conda environment manager using the python wrapper of our Rattler backend.