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What is the difference with conda, mamba, poetry, pip#

Tool Installs python Builds packages Runs predefined tasks Has lock files builtin Fast Use without python
Pixi 🚧

Why the name pixi#

Starting with the name prefix we iterated until we had a name that was easy to pronounce, spell and remember. There also wasn't a cli tool yet using that name. Unlike px, pex, pax, etc. We think it sparks curiosity and fun, if you don't agree, I'm sorry, but you can always alias it to whatever you like.

alias not_pixi="pixi"


New-Alias -Name not_pixi -Value pixi

Where is pixi build#

TL;DR: It's coming we promise!

pixi build is going to be the subcommand that can generate a conda package out of a pixi project. This requires a solid build tool which we're creating with rattler-build which will be used as a library in pixi.