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Updates using GitHub Actions

You can leverage GitHub Actions in combination with pavelzw/pixi-diff-to-markdown to automatically update your lockfiles similar to dependabot or renovate in other ecosystems.

Update lockfiles Update lockfiles

Dependabot/Renovate support for pixi

You can track native Dependabot support for pixi in dependabot/dependabot-core #2227 and for Renovate in renovatebot/renovate #2213.

How to use#

To get started, create a new GitHub Actions workflow file in your repository.

name: Update lockfiles

permissions: # (1)!
  contents: write
  pull-requests: write

    - cron: 0 5 1 * * # (2)!

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: actions/checkout@v4
      - name: Set up pixi
        uses: prefix-dev/setup-pixi@v0.8.1
          run-install: false
      - name: Update lockfiles
        run: |
          pixi global install pixi-diff-to-markdown
          pixi update --json --no-install | pixi-diff-to-markdown >>
      - name: Create pull request
        uses: peter-evans/create-pull-request@v6
          token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
          commit-message: Update pixi lockfile
          title: Update pixi lockfile
          branch: update-pixi
          base: main
          labels: pixi
          delete-branch: true
          add-paths: pixi.lock
  1. Needed for peter-evans/create-pull-request
  2. Runs at 05:00, on day 1 of the month

In order for this workflow to work, you need to set "Allow GitHub Actions to create and approve pull requests" to true in your repository settings (in "Actions" -> "General").

Allow GitHub Actions PRs Allow GitHub Actions PRs

Triggering CI in automated PRs#

In order to prevent accidental recursive GitHub Workflow runs, GitHub decided to not trigger any workflows on automated PRs when using the default GITHUB_TOKEN. There are a couple of ways how to work around this limitation. You can find excellent documentation for this in peter-evans/create-pull-request, see here.

Customizing the summary#

You can customize the summary by either using command-line-arguments of pixi-diff-to-markdown or by specifying the configuration in pixi.toml under [tool.pixi-diff-to-markdown]. See the pixi-diff-to-markdown documentation or run pixi-diff-to-markdown --help for more information.

Using reusable workflows#

If you want to use the same workflow in multiple repositories in your GitHub organization, you can create a reusable workflow. You can find more information in the GitHub documentation.